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Your beloved dog is not just a pet; they are your child and the very heart of your world. 

Yet you've hesitated to schedule a photo session, worried it might pose challenges. 

Are all photographers equipped to skillfully work with dogs? How can you find the perfect, dog-friendly setting for your session? And what if your dog is shy or needs to be on-leash—can they still be captured in stunning portraits?

You need to trust that you've picked a photographer who is more than just a dog-lover and one who can bring the whole process together while emphasizing your incredible bond.

At Kara Mergl Photography, we have an expert guided, dog-centered process so you can feel confident knowing your dog is at the heart of everything we do.

What Clients Have to Say 

“Managing multiple big dogs can sometimes be a lot, but Kara was so patient when working with us. The love we have for each of our dogs was captured in every single photo. Kara is genuinely a great person and I look forward to future sessions with her.”

Heather Myers

“I've done other shoots before, but this one was by far my favorite and most memorable. From start to finish, my session with Kara was everything I imagined it could be and more. Kara focused on every detail, from the pre-planning stages to having the best treats. ”

Leah Mackay

"Our eighteen month old pup can get easily distracted and we weren't sure how he would do during the session, but Kara did a great job working with him. She really guided us every step of the way. All the photos came out amazing. We loved working with Kara!"

Katherine Sesholtz 



you are always at the center of the experience



Every experience begins with us connecting to get to know each other. I learn about you and your dog, we go over locations, how best to meet your dog’s needs, and everything in between.



I curate your session so that it's tailored to your unique lifestyle. It is designed to prioritize you and your dog’s happiness and make sure you are both comfortable and having fun.



We meet to review your portraits, select the ones you love, and design your custom art pieces to perfectly match your home's aesthetic so you can enjoy them for years to come.

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Your Dog Only Gets One Short Life 

As a devoted dog mom you spend your time creating unforgettable experiences for you and your dog. Yet, all to soon, the time comes to say goodbye.

This is why every session is personalized and designed to celebrate your love and emphasize the incredible connection you have with your dog.

With portraits that capture the strength of your bond, you'll preserve cherished memories and ensure your dog's legacy lives on. 

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Learn More About Our Sessions

To help you and your dog have the best session, I’ve curated some tips for getting great photographs with your dog and put together a Session & Product Pricing Guide.

This will help you learn more about how I can personalize your experience and help you celebrate your love and the bond you have with your dog. 


About Kara Mergl

Kara Mergl is one of the premier dog photographers in the greater New York City area and has been featured on CNN. 

Just like you, she's had the joy of sharing her life with some wonderful dogs. Clients choose Kara because she's not only a dog-lover, but takes the time to understand each dog’s needs and prioritize their comfort.

Kara believes dogs are family and tells your unique story through personalized portraits and luxury printed art for your home. Every detail of your session is designed just for you.

As a photographer with over twenty years of experience, Kara goes beyond taking good photographs and gives you and your dog a truly priceless experience.

Our dogs may only be with us for a brief period, but our love for them can be preserved for a lifetime.

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