Guest Blogger - Catie Prendergast

November 01, 2022  •  Leave a Comment

Guest Blogger - Catie Prendergast 

Guest blogger and 2023 Pet Ambassador Catie Prendergast talks about her and her dog Bunny's experience doing a photo shoot this past summer! 


Kara and I found each other on Instagram. I had been admiring her spectacular photography skills, and she had become a fan of my dog, Bunny. It was a no brainer to collaborate!

I had never done a photoshoot with my dog before (or ever, for that matter), so I had a hard time deciding on the type of pictures I wanted, as well as the location. Kara’s expertise helped us a lot here—she suggested we focus on the bond Bunny and I have, in the neighborhood, Tribeca, that I grew up in, and where Bunny experienced puppyhood and city life for the first time. It was perfect—a very personal setting, and an area that happened to be quite photogenic.

The day of the shoot, I was nervous how Bunny would tolerate sitting still for a prolonged period of time. Even though she’s generally calm (and very used to having her photo taken, thanks to social media), doing that can be hard for any dog. I made sure we had a nice, long morning walk, plus a robust fetch/play session to burn some of her energy.

When Kara arrived, Bunny was so excited to see her! Kara instantly makes dogs feel comfortable and at ease. Kara’s calm, professional demeanor helped quickly relax Bunny. She sat alone, in my lap, and was happily held. Kara also brought treats, so Bunny felt extra special and appreciated.


Kara was so nice, timely and communicative. She guided us gently and her direction was clear. I could tell immediately her shots were going to be great. She had ideas I wouldn’t have necessarily thought of myself, but made so much sense.

When she sent us the pictures, we were blown away. They were even better than we had expected. There was a huge variety, from traditional portraits to candid look to more editorial, street style shots. In each one, she captured our deep, loving relationship, as well as Bunny’s unique, adorable personality. As cute as Bunny is, it’s not easy getting her sweet and spunky spirit to translate on camera—but Kara did so beautifully, many times DSC_0919-01DSC_0919-01 over.

I had the hardest time choosing which pictures to keep, which is the best problem to have, and the sign of a very successful shoot. Kara helped here again, offering her take on which ones really stood out. I’m so excited to share the photos, and to hang the framed print of me and Bunny in my apartment, where I can see it every day. Bunny loved her experience with Kara, and so did I. I would recommend her a hundred times over, and I can’t wait to work with her again!