Even the Best Reviews Can Be Bittersweet

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Even the Best Reviews Can Be Bittersweet

I've had several clients reach out in the months following our sessions to let me know that their sweet pups had passed away. It’s never easy to hear the news and I mourn for each of their losses. Our dogs and out pets are incredibly important to our families, and having to say good-bye is never easy.

I was both grateful and sad when I woke up recently to a beautiful review from Liz. She wrote:

A portrait of Charlie, a small brown dachshund with graying fur around his nose and eye. He stands in a small patch of dark green grass facing forward. The front of his body take of most of the portrait. CharlieCharlie


Kara did such a great job capturing our family. Corralling two toddlers and a dog who was deaf for picture-perfect photos is not an easy task, but she captured all of their personalities so well. She even went with it when the kids and dog all chose to jump in the Hudson River (safely, of course, at Hoboken’s Maxwell Beach). Kara really captured our sweet Charlie’s personality. He recently passed, so having this last family photo shoot with him is so special for us.



It is absolutely true that both kids and Charlie ended up in the Hudson River that beautiful summer day at the end of July. The session was a blast! The kids had a great time and when they were no longer interested in posing for portraits, we snapped the best images of them playing with Charlie, jumping off of rocks, and splashing in the river with their very good doggo. 

And that’s just the thing. A photograph is never about the image itself. It's about the memories you carry forward. It's about the day your dog and the kids jumped into the Hudson River, spending evenings with your dogs on his favorite spot on the back porch, or remembering how your scared foster fail ended up living her best life!

Because of this, my pet photography sessions are specifically designed to make sure that it's not just about beautiful artwork, but about evoking the love and memories you will always carry long after your goodbyes. If you have a senior dog, now's the time to book your session and capture your memories together 🐶.


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