Wall Hanging Hack You Didn't Know You Needed

June 01, 2022  •  Leave a Comment

Wall Hanging Hack You Didn't Know You Needed

Okay Long Island Dog Moms, I've got an easy life hack coming at you! You're going to want to write this one down.

Once you choose your favorite photographs and order your custom art, this little hack is going to save you a ton of time putting up all your new portraits.

Ever wonder how to perfectly line up your wall art so that it's not crooked?

  1. Grab some packing tape and pull a piece long enough to cover the hooks on the back of the frame.
  2. Use a sharpie marker to mark where the hooks are.
  3. Transfer the tape to the wall in the spot where you're going to hang the art.
  4. Hammer in your nails.
  5. Remove the tape and hang the art!

This also works if you're lining up several frames in a row or top to bottom. Just make sure the tape is long enough to cover all the hooks!

Check out the 10 second video below to see how it's done! 


Do you think you'll try this for you next piece of wall art? 



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