Guest Blogger - Danielle Clark

February 14, 2023  •  Leave a Comment

Guest Blogger - Danielle Clark

I'm so excited to welcome Danielle Clark as a guest blogger this month. Read on to learn about her shoot with her precious pup, Boru!


Like most pet owners, my husband and I treat our dog Boru like he is our child; for that reason, I feel it’s super important to have photos taken of your pets just as you would your children. They are a HUGE part of your lives and a daily routine so searching for a Long Island Pet Photographer was something that I had on my to-do list so that we could have some professional photos of our sweet boy Boru to treasure forever. I’m a big believer in all things happen for a reason so stumbling across Kara’s Instagram was simply meant to be.

DSC_8651 (2)_croppedDSC_8651 (2)_cropped Though I work with photographers and have had my own photos taken, I wasn’t too sure what to expect when it came to a photo shoot for a dog. While Boru is well-behaved and super food motivated, I was still a bit worried about getting him to look at the camera and the session is a waste of time - however, there was NO reason to worry at all as Kara is incredibly professional and skilled at what she does. 

Prior to the session, we had a call to discuss logistics and Kara happily answered all of my questions and addressed any concerns. Living on Long Island my husband and I always try to take advantage of the beautiful beaches it has to offer. The beach has always been a huge part of our lives - during the summer you’ll find us driving onto Gilgo Beach with our surfboards in tow or driving out to Montauk (where we got married) so naturally once Boru was in the picture we introduced him to our favorite spots. We love taking time on the weekends to bring him to any and all dog friendly spots, but always find ourselves back at the beach and it quickly became Boru’s favorite place to spend time too. He’s always having the time of his life when we go to the beach between being in the water, chasing birds, and (my least favorite) rolling in the sand so of course, that is where we decided to have our photography session. With our session being in November we took advantage of dogs being allowed on the beach at Fire Island due to the off-season.

Come the day of our session, Kara blew me away with her preparedness. She arrived at our session early, with water, treats, poop bags (which I am incredibly grateful for because I ran out!), a ball, her camera gear, and of course a friendly demeanor. Boru immediately greeted her which always is the best sign when working with anyone (if the dog trusts them they have to be good, right?!). We met up at Robert Moses Field 5 and walked the path to the Fire Island Lighthouse so that we could get to the section of the beach where dogs are permitted. DSC_8802DSC_8802 Kara was fantastic at directing me on how to position Boru and getting his attention. We had so much fun enjoying our time on the beach while Kara snapped away. 

If you’re not convinced of Kara’s dedication to her job, she was covered in sand and water at the end of the session. She was sitting and laying in the sand to ensure she got the very best photos of Boru (and she succeeded!). Our gallery is absolutely STUNNING and I am so incredibly happy that we have these beautiful photos and memories of Boru that we can look back on for years to come.